Orlando Frooninckx - Kawa Putih
My curriculum

Orlando Frooninckx

Born: February 11, 1973
Belgian nationality
Gender male
Profession: Business manager

Photography and travel

I have a great passion for travel and photography. With the photo club, which I started in 2008, we often take the opportunity to go out and explore at home and abroad. Landscapes, buildings, animals and even people are rewarding subjects. I am also often asked to take photos and am always satisfied when I see the happy faces when the photos are delivered.

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Office space

With my company I bought an office space in Aarschot. The architect is currently working hard to make it both pretty and comfortable. You will soon see a page where you can follow the rebuilt and afterwards you will also get the opportunity to use this space.



As with so many, it started as a hobby. But now decades have passed and the interest has remained. So strong that it has also become part of my profession. The case already existed from May 2001, has been reinvented a few times and you can still rely on it.


Knowledge is power. You don’t need to have all the knowledge yourself. It is sufficiant when you know enough people. By visiting customers as an independent developer for years, you get to know people with all kinds of reliable profiles. This extensive circle of acquaintances allows me to successfully complete almost all IT projects. A website is under construction to unite all these people and put them in the spotlight.